Critical Shortage of Fuel in Egypt

· Middle East Press Blog

Amr Mostafa, Vice Chairman of the General Authority for Petroleum, said that the Authority had received instructions from President Mohamed Morsy to send diesel fuel to the Gaza Strip to run power plant sector.

President Morsy stated this decision was made to show Egypt’s full support of the Palestinians and Hamas.

The Egyptian officials pointed out that these quantities will have a negative impact on the Egyptian market, especially after the increase of the production of Egyptian refineries of crude oil. It caused a critical shortage in the gas and diesel supply to the point vans and buses wait in long lines from the night before.

Because of the strong relationships between Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, The governing authority in Gaza. Egypt support to Hamas comes in time when Egypt’s recurrent crises for help. This decision resulted in an increase of basic life expenses and reduction of government bill subsidizing petroleum products in the budget this fiscal year to 70 billion pounds, instead of 95 billion pounds in the previous budget.

The engineer Ossama Kamal , Minister of Petroleum, said that Egypt imports petrol worth $ 60 million pounds a day to Hamas in Ghaza. 

The shortage in diesel supply resulted in power and electric outing for at least 2 hours per day in many places in Egypt including Cairo the capital.

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