President Morsi threatens the church if the Egyptian Christians (Copts) demonstrate against him in New York.

· Middle East Press Blog

September 23rd, 2012, Human rights activist, Magdi Khalil, director of Middle East Forum for Liberties, revealed this truth in his page on Facebook. The threat against the Egyptian Christians was released from the Egyptian Embassy in America.* The authorities stated that Morsi will take retaliatory measures against the church if the Copts demonstrate against him while he is giving his speech in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations on Wednesday, Sept. 26 in the U.S.

Magdi Khalil described the threat as “cheap blackmail” and appealed to the masses of the Copts abroad not to succumb to this threat, saying “The response to Morsi is to get out in front of the United Nations building to demonstrate next Wednesday.”

At the same time, several Muslim organizations — in partnership with the Egyptian Embassy in America — plan to organize demonstrations to welcome the Egyptian President, chanting for him to show their support as his leadership with the Muslim Brotherhood came as a result of the Egyptian revolution to implement their needs for “freedom, food, liberty, and social justice.”

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