Obama and The Golden Necklace

· Middle East Press Blog

2009: As Obama bowed his head, the Saudi King hung the Order of Abdul Aziz Al Saud around his neck. The golden necklace of the order that was placed around Obama’s neck was decorated with the crossed swords representing the House of Saud and the House of Wahhab, the very strict sect of Islam. On the golden necklace were the words, “Pioneer of Islamic Solidarity.” The King grants this golden necklace only to Muslims who offer great services to Islam.

Now: Was the King of Saudi Arabia sure that Obama is a Muslim before he granted him this golden chain? How did he know? Who told him? Was he guessing?

When Obama was granted this golden necklace, he was new in the office, so what services had he offered or promised to offer or was encouraged to offer to Islam that made him deserve this? Is the Islamic Tsunami (often called the Arab Spring), which is washing out the Middle East, part of the deal?

Many questions remain about Obama’s policy, the golden chain, and where the U.S. is heading!

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