Government-sponsored Egyptian Mafia has terrorized the country for years



Lt. Col. Mahmoud Abdul Nabi , A military officer who was terminated from the Egyptian Armed Forces has released some information about Habib Al-Adly, former Interior Minister of Egypt. He had directed and managed a secret group of officers to maintain the grip over the country since 2000. This group was part of the secret police who used to be the Bureau of Investigation, the tool to control Christian and Muslim activists. They harassed the opponents of the regime, helping the former president’s son, Gamal, rule over the country.

Mahmoud Abdul Nabi explained more, saying the secret group is still in operation and consists of a dozen officers and 20 police officers. They used to get a higher salary. He revealed all their names to a famous local newspaper called Masrawy. This group is guilty of murdering Ashraf Marwan (a political activist), Soad Hosni (a famous singer who, it is believed, converted to Christianity) and Reda Helal (an Egyptian journalist). They also kidnapped and abused Dr. Abdel-Halim Qandil (an Egyptian journalist), releasing him naked in the desert. Qandil gave more details of their fundamental role behind the bomb that exploded in Alexandria January 1, 2011, which resulted in a massive death toll.

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