Total destruction of a church in Rafah, North Sinai



September 30, 2012 – A church in Rafah, North Sinai was demolished and burned, and a group of radical Muslims evicted all Christian families from the town. Afterwards, the governor of Al Arish met with Bedouin leaders in the area and discussed the situation as it will have far-reaching consequences in many other places in Egypt. The Bedouin leaders have volunteered and promised the governor to work hard to ensure the safety of the Christian families who live in the area.

It is interesting to note that the governor, with the Egyptian army, has brought almost all of the Christian families back to the Al Arish area and assigned a military tank to guard the house of each family. Angels in the air, Bedouins in the area and a military tank at the door — all to guarantee safety after the Christians had been removed from that area following terrorist orders.

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