A deadly game in the Middle East

· Middle East Press Blog

October 11, 2012 – Being at the Syrian border gave us a clear understanding of the political game being played in the Middle East. We also mourned the agony of innocent Syrians trying to survive the day as we looked at the chain of mountains that hid the country of Syria. Is Assad, the Syrian ruler, as bad as they claim? Who is calling him a wicked dictator, and why would they do that? Does it mean anything that he and the ruling party are Alawis (self-described Shiites) and the majority of the country are Sunnis? If you look carefully, you will realize the majority of protesting groups are Sunni Syrians, which are few in number compared to the population. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood groups have been crossing the border from Turkey. Turkey has the biggest number of Sunni Muslims in the Middle East. The Mujahideen from Afghanistan are coming as well. This morning Turkish authorities intercepted a Syrian airplane that was carrying weapons to the ruling party of Syria.

The Alawis and Sunnis are Muslims, but Sunnis believe that Alawis are cultish because they honor Ali, the cousin of the prophet Mohammed, and they believe Ali is a prophet as well. The Alawis’ and Sunnis’ game has operated like Tom and Jerry for centuries. The remaining powerful part of the Shiite group are in Iran, Katar and include the ruling party of Syria.

Sunnis believe the global Islamic state will be established at the end of times and God will enable them to eradicate all the Alawis (Shiites). The existence of Iran and its increasing power has been a threat for many parties — Sunni Muslims (the majority); the radical sect of Islam, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas; the Salafi Muslims and others. It has been a major threat for the stability, economy and the kingdom of the West represented by the United States of America.

The more I researched the current conflict in Syria, the more I became convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt it is a very serious game orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood with the Western mastermind of the U.S. coaching this game. It is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood has planned and managed to take over many countries including Iraq, most of Turkey, North Lebanon and most of Jordan and partnered with Hamas in Palestine, Egypt, North Sudan and Somalia. What they have done here is to create a Sunni steel buffer zone that isolates the Shiites and Alawis in Iran. Do not forget the Saudi and the Gulf countries, because when the rubber meets the road, they are Sunni from head to toe. It is very interesting to see how Tom has created this buffer zone and isolated Jerry very well. Tom enjoys destroying Jerry’s existence. Nobody should wonder any longer about the U.S. policy supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. They have been behind them every step of the way!

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