Queen Esther 2012

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Muslim Brotherhood leaders face lots of challenges with the public while they try to establish the foundations of the Islamic State in Egypt. El-Beltagy, one of the main leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, made an announcement today on all the main TV stations that may have serious consequences for the church and Egyptian Christians. He said: “We have found out that most of the protesters in front of the Presidential Palace are Christians. They are trying to reject the Islamic government and bring some of the old liberal government back to their authority.” He indicated that, by doing this, Christians are considered the enemies of Islam. The radical sect of the government has gotten people to believe this lie, which has resulted in many threats against Christians and the church. This development should encourage every one of us to ask God to protect the church and save Christians from all harm. We need to believe that God can intervene today much the same as He did in a similar situation at the time of Queen Esther.

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